Miss Hart

The Vegan Taxidermist

I make stuff...
    ...all kinds of stuff. I am inspired by contradiction, taxidermy, surrealism, found objects (particularly roadkill), contrast, natural oddities and tourist’s trinkets.

I learnt to use a sewing machine when I was six, alternating between “trundle”, a hand crank Singer (my cousin/best friend and I took it in turns to power and steer) and my mum’s electric New Home. I now sew on a Bernina Minimatic, she was manufactured in the late 70s/early 80s so is just older than me. I have painted her in a rainbow of colours since I spend so much time looking at her.

I studied and misspent my youth at both London College of Fashion and Wimbledon School of Art

All of my patterns and designs are created by me. It makes me feel like some kind of fiendish sorceress when after a lot of frantic trials, manic errors and happy accidents, I create a 3 dimensional object from a flat piece of fabric. I am equally fascinated by the incongruousness of an object that would normally be hard brittle and breakable made out of soft malleable fabric.

I am vegan and environmental issues are high on my agenda.

My mum affectionately calls me a Scruffy Individual.

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